More questions?

Hopefully, it doesn’t have to be, but if you think there is more the story or more value in your vehicle. We would love to discuss.

We can help get you out. Lease contracts are one of the most misunderstood concepts in the car business. Customers tend to believe they are contractually bound to their leases for the entirety of its term. This is not the case.

Your leased vehicle has a purchase buyout whether you are in month 1 or month 36. We can coordinate with your leasing company on buying out your lease and relieving you from your contract.

No problem at all. Many of our purchases come from customers who had loans on their vehicles. We will start the process by pulling your vehicles pay-off information. From there we will determine if your car is worth more or less than your pay-off amount.

The positive or negative equity will determine if you will be walking away with a check or writing one. Either way your loan will be paid-off at the time of the deal’s conclusion, and you will be relieved of that loan.

Once you accept your offer and decide to proceed, the next step will be to set up an appointment. This appointment will allow us to inspect the vehicle, complete the necessary paperwork and finalize all financial commitments.

Payments will be conveyed at the time of your appointment.

We will do our best! “Haggle-Free.” “Non-Negotiable.” “Our data scientists, tech engineers and supply experts make sure your first offer is the right one.” …. No matter how our competitors phrase it, what they’re trying to say is “take it or leave it!”

No one likes to be pressured, our goal at Before U Trade is to purchase your vehicle and to do so with a positive selling experience. We understand the only way to buy your vehicle is by paying the most. While we pride ourselves on our initial offer, we certainly love the last look. Let us work together to help you get the most for your vehicle.

We certainly do. We understand accidents can happen. While we will adjust our prices depending on the severity of the damage, our partnering repair shops help keep our repair costs low. This allows us to fairly access your vehicle and give you an honest purchase price.

No problem, we work with most state DMV offices and can help facilitate a duplicate title.

They made a difference for you right? Yes, we value accessories. Be sure to include any accessories you want to part with.

It is all with your help! The more descriptive you can get when describing your car, the easier you make our appraiser’s job. The phrase ‘a picture tell a thousand words’ cannot hold more true in this situation. The more accurate you describe your vehicle, the stronger our offers will be.

We will have you sign a Bill of Sale and Power of Attorney. This allows Before U Trade to pay off your title. The pay off is sent within 24hrs and you will be relieved of your loan.

If you own the vehicle outright.

  • Your vehicle’s title*.
  • Your ID.
  • Your registration.
  • All the keys and manuals that belong to your vehicle.

If you have a lien on your vehicle:

  • A confirmation of your vehicle’s 10-day payoff statement. If you cannot supply this, we can help.

While we prioritize appointments, we do accept walk-in appraisals. Our appraisals consist of a walk around, short test-drive and vehicle history check. After the appraisal you will receive your official Before U Trade offer good for 7 Days or 500 miles. If you do not feel comfortable using our appraisal tool, feel free to call Before U Trade to make an in-person appraisal appointment.

Ready to get your offer?

Give us a few details about your car and we’ll provide you with a no obligation offer in 3 easy steps.

Don’t have plate or VIN? Get estimate.

Vehicle Identification Number

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is 17 character long (digits and letters) and can be found in the following locations:

On Vehicle

  • Driver’s side interior dash
  • Under the hood (up front)
  • Between your front carb and windshield washer unit
  • Trunk, under the spare tire
  • Rear wheel wall
  • Driver door jam (open the door first)

In Your Documentation

  • Vehicle title
  • Registration card
  • Insurance documents
  • Owner’s manual
  • Body shop repair records
  • Police reports
  • Vehicle history report or VIN check